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Hi, I’m Yusuf. Creator of ISOYU, a graduate in architecture.

ISOYU is a self-made concept which allows me to explore my outlook on fashion.  It will allow you to create a stronger sense of identity which means not having to conform to any set rule or guide, after all rules are made to be broken and this is when new ideas are formed.

The main aim is to give people an insight on how to style clothes they may already have and where to find items they may wish to add to their collection.

ISOYU isn’t just the name of a blog but it is the basis for other aspects of how we can plan or manage our sense of identity. ISOYU is divided into four fashion topics;


I’ will contain things about Yusuf’s interpretation of fashion and his overall style.

SO’ is going to be based on how other people dress and will be the fashion critique element with pros and cons about certain outfits, styles and trends.

ISO will consist of general trends and what is in right now in the fashion world.

YU’ is about the people and is for the people. It will be a guide for those of different shapes, sizes and heights.