Blank Canvas

How do you make the most of a blank canvas?

With the opportunity to collaborate again, Abdi (@whichabdi) and I set ourselves the challenge of creating a few images against a plain backdrop. We’ve worked together on a few other shoots (which you can view here). Let us know what you think of this one?.

Make It a Colour Show


There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of colour in the winter. That’s why I teamed this Collusion Studios jumper with my Yeezy 700’s.

Jumper – Collusion studios

Turtleneck – Pull & Bear

But a beige and lime green jumper might be pushing it a bit too far for some. So, to get a bit of brightness into your winter wardrobe you could consider a top like this one that adds a little bit of colour to a look in measured doses.

Jumper – Bershka

(Red version & Grey version)

Names, Labels, Faces

I love Allsaints for its quality and aesthetic and the crew neck jumper shown here is simple enough to work for a few different looks and will keep you warm on a miserable winter morning.

Jumper – Allsaints

Trousers – Allsaints

If my love for the brand wasn’t already obvious, here’s another Allsaints piece for you. This woollen scarf has been my saviour on the days when throwing on jacket just hasn’t been enough (but here are some of the jackets I’ve been wearing in recent months).

Jumper – ASOS

Scarf – Allsaints

Trousers – ASOS

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