How to style around a preferred piece

As shopaholics, we want to get the most out of the money we spend. What I mean by this is buying an item that has diversity. Diversity in the sense that it can slot into existing outfits and have its own effectiveness.

As a stylist, when I purchase piece I either buy an entire outfit or try to visualise how the item I’m buying will fit in with pieces that I already own which makes the shopping process a whole a lot easier.

In this blog, I’m basically showing you guys how a white polo-neck shirt can become formal and informal by switching up a few pieces within an outfit.


As we’ve been experience nice weather the past few weeks picking a jacket to complement an outfit has been a real struggle. Especially after everything in your wardrobes is probably woolly and extra warm because it was so cold not to long ago (typical of English weather). However, light weight trench coats are a great buy as they don’t keep you to warm and if they need to be taken off they aren’t a pain to carry or even place over your shoulders as I have worn it in the following pictures. To accompany the polo and trench I added another light weight item some 3/4 length woven trousers and finished with some simple Gucci sliders.


The second look is a much more casual look that everyone can relate to and will definitely have one or more of the pieces somewhere within your wardrobe. A gilet and a pair of blue jeans. It couldn’t be any more simple but is another clean way of showing off the polo shirt and overcoming the heat.

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