Hello again people! I’ve got some rather interesting news that I’m excited to share with you guys. Since I started ‘ISOYU’ I have always been thinking about ways to improve the content I share with you guys and how I can improve myself as a fashion blogger. We’re coming to the 2nd anniversary of ISOYU and I’ve learnt that working along side other people can really add an extra edge to your work. Because of this observation I will be working more closely with the photographer @Kuicphotos and the videographer @nikkohunt as their personal stylist. Styling is a field that I have wanted to get into for some time now but haven’t had all the necessary means. With this newly found trio-ship we will all be able to progress within our given fields.

Last week I hosted my first styling shoot at Beehivestudios with the model Charisha (@Charishaden). The shoot was styled by the 1950/60’s corduroy trend which has become a very dominant item in this years spring fashion.

I plan to make styling a big part of what I do from now on and will be posting a lot of the styled shoots on my Instagram along with the hashtag ‘#isostylish’ if you to follow up on styling post and also get involved to show me what styling flare you guys have!


Since I will be working along side videographers more I will try do include a video which give an overall summary of what the day was like and also it will show what movement the pieces of clothing offer.

Video filmed and edited by Jason oaks (_Jay_oak)

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