Grenada, The Isle of Spice

IMG_7361For those of you who don’t know about Grenada, it is a small Caribbean island with unrivalled scenery and beauty. For those of you who do know about Grenada, this will be a small reminder of all of its qualities.
My mother’s side of my family are Grenadian and as a family we often visit the island to see family and for holiday purposes. I think this last trip that I went on must be around my 5th time visiting the island and it was probably my shortest stay. I was only there for ten days, whereas we normally go for around a month because there is so much to take in and enjoy.

Because it was such a short stay I only went to the beach once would you believe! However, Grand Anse is definitely one of, if not my favourite beach in Grenada. The blueness of the ocean contrasting with all the greenery within the distance really is a idyllic view which takes a few minutes to comprehend.



Before I went on my trip I made the effort of contacting creatives in the Caribbean to broaden my content as a blogger. Spending time with people who live in Grenada opened my eyes to opportunities I wouldn’t have been able to achieve on my own. I began to explore parts of the island that I wouldn’t have ventured to without their aid. Terel (@terelmphotograpghy) and Kered (@keredclement) organised and took me around the island, providing me with all these amazing visuals that I can now share with you guys.

If you ever get the chance, visiting a Caribbean island should be number one on your list! You won’t regret it. Overall it was a really good get away from studies and the extremely cold weather we’ve been experiencing! And on top of that, I got to take wonderful pictures under the sun which I’m now sharing with you all!

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