Not for him, not for her (part 3)

We’re back with another collaboration with some new faces! Let’s introduce you to the new members of the Isoyu family, we’ll start off with Ana. Ana (@span.dex) was the female model in this week’s shoot and she was styled by myself for our yellow themed shoot!
The next two members are two of the most energetic photographers/videographers that I have met; Nikko and Fareez. Fareez (@Kuicphotography) was the photographer for this shoot and we share some common passions for fashion and also architecture. Nikko (@Nikkohunt) was the videographer and he has a great eye for capturing visuals I will include the video he made down below make sure you watch it as it’s one of my favourite videos I’ve featured in to date! He’s got some serious talent.
The weather wasn’t the best to shoot in but we had to make do and have produced some pretty impressive work if I do say so myself.
You guys should know by now I love a bit of colour in my outfits and instead of restricting yourself to the typical colours of winter fashion, it’s always good to push your boundaries (however there is nothing wrong with sticking to what you know best).

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