An unconventional collab

20170829_135732560_iOSA few weeks ago I embarked on a trip to Littleborough. It was a new experience for me as I had to venture through the unknown town to find a location deep in the hills which was previously scouted by my photographer for the day; Jafar (IG: @VisualsbyJafar). For this shoot, Jafar wanted to capture  how formal wear can create a feeling of empowerment.

For this photoshoot we were collaborating with an unexpected influencer, Nadhia (IG: Nadhia_Mua).
Nadhia works in the beauty industry and has had a passion for it from a young age. As fashion has strong links to hair and beauty she was always interested in keeping up to date with the industry. For Nadhia, fashion is essentially about the empowerment and confidence a person can gain from their clothing and it lead her to team up with us for this adventurous shoot.

20170829_135520370_iOSStay tuned for some more up coming collabs and if you’re interested in collaborating drop me a email or direct message me on Instagram! (IG : @Isoyu_)

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