Customisations and engraving

20170816_171725526_iOSToday’s post is about how people, including myself have been taking their shoe game to another level. Customising shoes has blown up recently and can be seen all over Instagram. Roses, designer brands logos and pretty much any other logo you can think of have been placed all over peoples shoes.

A few month ago I purchased my first pair of Stan Smiths. However, as much as I liked them I never really wore them. Recently, a close friend of mine (@Farhan_Bubbloo – Instagram) began customising shoes. I gave him my Stan Smiths to practise on.

20170816_171738466_iOSBecause of all the Gucci hype, I got a simple rose design placed on my shoes and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. The design brought the shoes back to life and I instantly began wearing them again.

Personally I’d advise experimenting with an old shoe that you used to love but it may be quite beaten up or out of date. Customising could be that way to bring them back as a staple piece in your wardrobe.

20170816_171721627_iOS20170816_171736033_iOSToday’s second pair of shoes are a Zara purchase. They were quite a steal retailing at only £45 which is amazing for shoes nowadays. These shoes have a blue embroidered flower on one side of the shoe, similar to what I had customised on to my Stan Smith’s.


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