20170812_142740307_iOSFor those of you who follow my Instagram page, (@isoyu) you would have seen the pictures I posted for Eid at Dovestone Reservoir (if you haven’t I’ll include some under this paragraph.) For this shoot, I revisited the reservoir but began to explore other areas as the full circuit of the reservoir is around 2.5miles! So, you can imagine how many different scenes of greenery there are to take advantage of.

I was contacted through Instagram by the talented (@sumancaptures). Her concept for the shoot was to portray a kingly status- a combination of class, power and humility. Due to the sheer natural elegance of Dovestone Resevoir, we were able to incorporate this environment into the theme we were trying to achieve.

It seems as if all my blog posts include a weather report but that’s just the luck of living in the U.K. Our shoot was interrupted by an unfortunate turn of events and had to come to an abrupt end. So, we only achieved about 50% of the intended shoot. However, this creates some suspense for you guys as there will definitely be a continuation!

Moving on to what you guys really want to know, the ins and outs of the outfit. I think I’ll start off with telling you about the main item of this outfit; the trousers. The trousers were purchased from Zara and the design was what pulled me in. To be honest, it was a fit of trouser I wouldn’t normally go for, being quite wide legged and not tailored around the ankle. However, the pattern outshone the fit of the trousers.


After the trousers, my most favoured piece are the shoes (New Look). I’ve been holding onto these shoes for quite a few months and hadn’t had the time to devise an outfit which complemented them until this shoot was presented to me.


The last two items are the turtleneck and blazer were both from ASOS.


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