Summer stripes


Alongside the floral design take over, pinstripes have also dominated this year’s summer wear. Originally pinstripes were used as business wear for men but more recently they have been introduced as everyday attire for both men and women.

In today’s blog, I will be comparing two pinstriped shirts. The purpose of the shoot was to shoot in minimalistic areas and remove the colouring through editing to make the pinstripes the focal point.

Pink pinstripes

The first pinstripe shirt I will be discussing will be the pink one. The pink shirt was purchased from ASOS in size medium. The look I was going was down the lines of a more relaxed oversized fit. As it is summer, tight fitting clothes aren’t always the best option so I thought it would be interesting to show you guys a more relaxed way of styling any pinstripes you may have in your wardrobe.



Green pinstripes

The second shirt is probably my favoured out of the two mainly because of the fit. The shirt was purchased from Zara and was also size medium but the shirt was a slim fitting so it complemented the shape of my body much better than the oversized look.

To change up the looks a little I switched out my Rebook Instapumps for my Adidas EQT Racers as I had worn the same trousers and turtleneck (available at ASOS.)

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