So What?!

IMG_9987Today is Wednesday so you know what that means, another shoe post!

This week’s star shoe are none other than the Fenty Puma’s by Rihanna. Since the release of the first three colour ways the shoe has only gone on to become more successful.

When the shoes were first released I wasn’t as keen on buying them, looking back on it now I definitely missed out on having three good quality pairs of shoes in my collection. However, the second time they came out I managed to purchase the khaki/green colour way which I completely adore (they retailed at around £90-100). Then later, when the velvet releases came out I was spoilt for choice but, in the end I decided to purchase the burgundy Fenty’s (they retailed at £110).

So the title of the today’s blog is ‘So what?!’ It probably has you wondering what is this blog actually about.

So what is my first ISOYU theme. The concept of So what in simple terms is that regardless of gender clothing items can be styled or worn by anyone.

Even though the Fenty’s were created initially as a Women’s shoe, they then later went on to release them again in Men’s sizes.

I was lucky enough to also get my hands on two other pairs of male sized Fenty’s to show you guys.

I hope you enjoyed today’s short read and make sure you tune in again for next week’s shoe post! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to focus on more as I’m always up for listening to what my readers wants to read about.

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