An affordable GUCCI look

youawdddFor those of you who like to keep up to date with streetwear trends, you will know that this year Gucci has definitely been one of the main influencers. The new designer Alessandro Michele has made the brand one of the go to high fashion houses these past few seasons.

The flowers, the snakes, the greens, the reds and the blues have all been key parts of their collections.  Also maintaining their classic silhouettes and lurex stripes.
youseff edit
However, for those with a limited budget how can you keep up with these high fashion trends at an affordable rate? It would be anyone’s dream to have a wardrobe filled with designer wear but we have to be realistic sometimes and shop within our own price range. There are always ways to replicate high fashion at an affordable price and within this blog I will show you how I was able to achieve that.

As I am a hardcore online shopper, whilst on one of my daily browses, I came across a Topman tracksuit. What really caught my eye was the three stripes which resembled the classic Gucci design. Altogether the tracksuit cost just under £100. If you were to compare that price to a Gucci tracksuit you would see you’ve saved yourself a killing!

Right now, if i had to chose a casual everyday look, this tracksuit is probably my favourite. The fit of the tracksuit is very complimentary and the quality of the fabric elevates the outfit. A highly executed tracksuit if you ask me! My only complaint would be that it was limited to only one colour.  If there was a wider range of colours it would have made it the ultimate piece. Nevertheless, I’d make sure you get your hands on it!

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