Protective hair styling

My hair is something people are always questioning me about. How did you get it like that? Who braids your hair? How long did it take to grow?

Well, to be honest it’s been a long journey of three years and counting. The person who initially encouraged me to start plaiting my hair was no other than my mother. At first I was reluctant and wasn’t really feeling how it looked in the early stages. However, that negative attitude soon disappeared with the growth that I’ve obtained over these three years.20170418_195951438_iOS

20170418_191246301_iOSAs you can see in the images of my hair in cornrows, the ends of the braids come down to around where my neck is. When I first started braiding my hair, the ends of the braids didn’t even reach that far.

I’m lucky enough to have three sisters who are all talented when it comes to braiding hair and friends who are as well. This allowed me to experiment with different styles and in this blog I’ve shown four of my favourite braiding styles.

Protective styles haven’t only increased the growth of my hair but with the combination of the right hair products and hair care regime it has also increased the quality and strength of my hair. Initially, I used shea butter, but for a long time now my favourite is Castor oil. Yes, castor oil is very thick and if you use too much of it, it can leave your hair oily but it works wonders. However, you’ll have to experiment with your own hair because different products are better suited to some people more than others. (note: some of could be allergic to shea butter, castor oil or even coconut oil so you may have to find alternatives. If you want me to discuss this more let me know)


I normally wash my hair once or twice a week depending on what activities I do during the week. I use Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla to wash my hair which is a sulphate-free shampoo for natural hair. I would highly recommend trying this or other products in the range depending on the needs of your hair. One thing to bare in mind if you’re in the UK is that it may be hard to find as it is an American product. I normally purchase it from BeautyByZara or Strawberrynet. After shampooing I follow with the Black Vanilla hydrating conditioner. Then I apply my castor oil and Alikay Naturals hair growth oil to my scalp. Once my hair is oiled I will have it put into a protective style, which could be plaits or twists. I normally wear a satin head scarf to bed to retain the moisture and oils.

Let me know if you’d like a more detailed blog on my hair care routine with more products and styles.

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    1. Thank you and castor oil is made up of omega-6 and other fatty acids which help blood circulation to the scalp and strengthen roots. At the moment I don’t really have a specialised skin care regime, I just cream my skin after showering using either coco butter or Nivea


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