We’re back with another spring fit outfit! As you may already know, one of my main targets for this year is to push wearing brighter colours and move out of my comfort zone which consisted of black based outfits.
Since we’ve been lucky enough to have a whole week of sunshine I decided to take advantage of this and used the outdoor scenery to its greatest effect. The area in which I had my photo shoot I had only seen from my long train journeys to uni. However I’m blessed with photographers who know Manchester better than myself and was able to utilise what I had previously envisioned.

                          WHAT I WORE:
This weeks star piece is from ASOS. The cut&sew style sweatshirt has really taken to my liking. The combination of the three colours used allowed me to experiment with the other pieces I decided to wear. Jeans are a piece of clothing I don’t tend to wear these days. I think it’s mainly because of the level of the comfort they provide (for me your fashion should always be comfortable) however, they made a rare appearance. I think I also need to try different styles of jeans and maybe even jeans at different price points to see whether I can find a more comfortable everyday pair that provide me with great fit. Any suggestions on what brands I should try would be greatly welcomed. Also in this outfit, I wore a pair of my most comfy shoes my Reebok instapumps; a must buy if you don’t own a pair!

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