Roses are red


In today’s blog, I’m taking a step back into the realm of my comfort zone with an all-black outfit.
This week was a bit chilled because I had caught up on the majority of my uni work. I really needed it because I haven’t had much free time due to the pace of my uni course. I decided to go out with a few friends. The interiors of the places we were visiting were quite appealing so my photoshoot became shaped around these indoor spaces.
It was one of my friend’s birthday earlier on in the week and we went to the cinema (the movies if you aren’t from the UK) to watch ‘Get out’. I would really recommend that you all go and watch it. It’ll have you on the edge of your seats! Taking advantage of the interiors at the AMC cinema in Manchester, the arcade room turned into a set for taking pictures.


In last week’s blog, I had mentioned that I purchased a velvet tracksuit from River island and I couldn’t resist wearing it. Luckily, I picked a good day to take these pictures because now the weather has reverted to its natural state; grey and heavy rain. The jacket of the tracksuit has a zip-through the middle. Zip-through Jackets and sweatshirts with high necks are another style of clothing that will be added to my wardrobe this year in quantities! The tracksuit was rather affordable at £30. The only piece of advice I would offer if you decide to purchase the tracksuit yourself is to purchase the top a size larger than you would normally take and the trousers two or more sizes smaller than you’d normally wear because they are quite baggy. However, it depends what style you are going for because I don’t tend to like too many oversized pieces. I think because I’m quite lean it can sometimes make me look like the clothes are drowning me. The waistcoat I wore is a ASOS Reclaimed Vintage piece with a double rose embroidered pattern. Floral patterns on clothing has blown up in the past few months alongside souvenir jackets. But I bet you didn’t know two roses have a lovey-dovey meaning? Apparently when you give someone two roses it represents mutual love and affection.


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