We’re back again for another one! This week’s focus is ‘BORG’ fabric. I’m loooving clothes with this fabric. The love is simply explained, it does its job keeping you warm (considering this prolonged coldness which I’m over) and is unbelievably comfortable. BORG faux fur is like shearling (sheep fur) which is made from synthetic materials. This allows those who may not want to wear furs the opportunity to experience a shearling type of fabric without distressing any animals. I can see myself purchasing a lot more BORG pieces and I would highly recommend my readers to purchase some if you don’t already own any. Just try not to get it wet! Because it may lead to unwanted smells and the fur can start to look slightly shabby.

As we are almost entering spring and are still experiencing rather bizarre weather I was uncertain whether to layer up or wear less layers. I ended up somewhere in the middle because it doesn’t seem like I’ll need to exchange the warmer clothes for some time.


The star piece of today’s blog is the BORG bomber jacket which was purchased from ASOS. The jacket was a little pricey at £65 when you consider that there are more inexpensive bomber jackets on the high street. However, it was worth every penny! Because I love the colour, fit and style of my ASOS BORG bomber jacket, I purchased another one with the matching bottoms in black from River Island and have plans to do an outfit post linked to this in the next few weeks. So, stay tuned! And finally, the last two pieces of the outfit. Since I started blogging cropped trousers have been my thing. The pair I was wearing this day, are again from ASOS and are a knitted fabric. The shoes I wore were a beige pair of vans with a suede top and bottom.


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