Orange vs Yellow


I’m still sticking to my word and going strong with the colour in my everyday fashion. Currently, I’m going through a phase, wearing more and more colours from the sunset palette and I can’t seem to change it (so be prepared for more blogs on how to style oranges and yellows!).

In today’s blog, the focus was on the puffer jackets as I couldn’t quite put my finger on which colourway I preferred. There have been so many male and female puffer jackets in high-street fashion over the past few months, with so many different styles. But despite this I really liked the short Zara puffer that I styled in the pictures above so that’s why I decided to buy two different colours of the same jacket.

Nevertheless, having two of the same jacket brought up the opportunity for me to present you with some of the pros and cons regarding the colours and fit.

                                                                                     – Pros –

 At the end of the shoot I couldn’t really say which colour I preferred more, so I’m going to have to give them both credit.

Also, the puffer jacket was very lightweight so it could be used in the warmer seasons (not that it gets very warm in the UK).

                                                                                     – Cons –

The main problem with the jackets is the fit. Uni (university) tends to take up most of my time so I’m more of an online shopper. Because I hadn’t had the chance to try the item on, I decided to exchange them. I normally take a size small but I’d suggest purchasing a size bigger than your ordinary size or even bigger depending on what type of fit you want to go for.

Another slight issue I had with the jackets was the zip. The zips were quite fiddly and rather stiff.

Overall, the jackets were another good addition to my wardrobe and they allowed me to CONTINUE my newly found love for sunset palette colours.



The two puffer jackets were items I managed to buy in the December sales (they are both from Zara) and I paired this with cropped trousers from ASOS which are extremely lightweight.

Shoes – Puma creepers

Watches – Casio

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