Red velvet


A very late Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed the time they spent with their family and friends. I’m not really one to make ‘New year resolutions’ as such but I have decided to make a slight tweak to my fashion and begin to introduce much brighter colours to my wardrobe.

The first outfit of 2017 that I will be sharing with you, gives you a hint of some of the things I like to wear in my downtime. Downtime fashion is just as important as when you dress to impress because comfort comes into consideration.

In my downtime, the things I tend to wear is (what your standard understanding of downtime fashion would be) hoodies, joggers etc. However sometimes people mistakenly consider these basic items as boring and not so fashion forwards.

Recently, my admiration for Puma clothing and footwear has increased with the introduction of the Fenty X Puma collection. During the Christmas break, the Red velvet Puma Creepers were released and as I already own a pair, I wanted to get my hands on another. This new style of Creeper’s are predominantly velvet and as I’m always looking to experiment with the items in my wardrobe, I thought they would be a good addition. Velvet has also been a huge trend in winter 2016/17 fashion. Many high fashion and high street retailers have had accessories, bags, coats in this fabric with the main colours being deep reds, black, forest greens and even gold.



For this shoot, I wanted the location to have some relevance to what I was wearing and constructed the shoot in a local skate park to give it that sporty vibe.

When I bought the velvet Creepers, I didn’t really have anything to go with the shoe as velvet wasn’t really something I’d normally wear plus the colour was such a contrast to the items in my wardrobe. As I began to search, I stumbled across a Puma tracksuit with velvet tapering but I still need to search for other pieces which will complement the shoes as well as the tracksuit does. I’ve also been cautious about wearing them because we have had so much wet weather that I didn’t want to ruin them. I need to find some sort of protective spray. Any suggestions???

We’re only now just entering the third week of January and we are still experiencing unpredictable weather. I purchased a longline padded coat from ZARA because although I’d love to wear the tracksuit without a coat this weather insists that I wrap up. Padded coats seem to have resurfaced over the past few months. Although I have never owned one I thought it would be worth my while investing in one. This brilliant white padded coat gives a contrast to the deep red outfit and makes it standout even more.





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