Winter whites or maybe pastels


Today’s tropical looking scenery, like the outfit, was to give you an idea of how to uplift your wintry fashion. As the cold breezes of winter are approaching and wearing layers will become an essential component, I have plans to include brighter colours in my upcoming blogs as winter fashion seems to be dominated by blacks, greys and darker colours.

Pastels are washed-out versions of ordinal colours which are on the verge of becoming white. They portray a softer image and in some cases, have been referred to as ‘delicate’. However, their soothing persona makes them suitable for everyday wear.

Nowadays colour tends to be excluded from our wardrobes and even I find it easier to throw on dark dull clothing. Nevertheless, this year I am making an effort to include pastels and whites to my winter wardrobe so in this blog you can see me wearing some of my favourite colours of this season (white and pink). Wearing lighter colours can be just as easy as wearing darker ones.



For the outfit the pastel colour that I decided to pick was a light pink. The turtleneck (Topman) is one of my favourite items of fashion for winter and can also be an easy transitional piece for spring.

The ASOS trousers is an item that I wouldn’t normally match together with the top. You know that matchy matchy vibe isn’t always my thing. Normally I would have accompanied either one with a darker shade item. I purchased a white denim jacket (ASOS) to lift the outfit even further. This was new even to me. I have never really had any interest in white denim but I can see myself purchasing more in the near future.


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