Breast cancer awareness month

Although October is coming to an end, I thought I’d take the opportunity to highlight a very important cause – Breast Cancer Awareness. As a male reading the title of this blog, you may think it doesn’t apply to you. Without a doubt, breast cancer is much rarer in men than it is in women. However, the symptoms are similar to those in women.

The media tends to focus on breast cancer in women, maybe because the annual diagnosis in men is around 350 to 400 compared to 50,000 women in the UK who suffer from the disease. Whilst researching this topic, one thing that stood out to me was that men tend to delay going to the doctor when they have discover any initial symptoms. One of the boys is a male cancer awareness campaign that tries to help men and boys discuss cancer. It wouldn’t hurt to stay on the safe side and find out more about male breast cancer.

For more info:

The pink ribbon is the international symbol of breast cancer awareness and the colour pink is worn to demonstrate support for research and funding raising to do with breast cancer. There are many charities that strive to support cancer sufferers and who try to make advances in cancer research.

I wore pink twice this month in support of breast cancer awareness. As I said in my last blog (Pink Fashion), there is a lot of pink clothing in most of the shops on the high street. So if you don’t want to wear pink as a fashion statement (especially you men and boys) then wear it to support all those people who endure breast cancer with courage and often with tears.



For this outfit, I didn’t really want to go all out and overload it with pink, so I thought putting together something fairly smart would compensate for that. The pink trench coat was purchased from ASOS, I also bought it in stone and posted a few pictures of me wearing it around China town on my Instagram. I don’t know why but I feel like when I wear the jackets just over my shoulders it looks better than actually wearing it, but maybe that’s just me.

Jumper – Topman

Trousers – ASOS

Shirt – ASOS

Shoes – Yeezy


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