Pink fashion

Fashion is forever changing, going backwards and moving forwards. We are coming to the end of 2016 and the colour which seems to have sprung out of nowhere is pink. Pink is a colour that has been shunned by most males over the years as it is deemed to be a feminine colour. In most African and Asian cultures, colour in fashion is embraced both by males and females. It would seem that more and more of the main fashion houses and in turn the high street fashion retail providers have invested in pink items. Maybe it’s their way to brighten up some of our dull autumn and winter days.

I have begun to invest in quite a few pink items and will try to display different possible ways you can include pink into your everyday outfits. Men! Boys! Don’t be afraid to embrace some colour especially pink. Depending on how you style it, it will transform your style. For those ladies who are way ahead of us when it comes to embracing colour, keeping showing us how it’s done.

As we are approaching winter in the UK, we are experiencing some really weird weather not knowing whether to wrap up or wear lighter clothing, I chose to wear something somewhere in the middle.



The main focal point of today’s blog is the Pink shirt jacket which I purchased from Topman. The shirt jacket also comes in many other colours but I thought I’d add some brightness into my dull wardrobe of blacks and greys. Personally I preferred keeping the zip open rather than zipping it up, mainly because the white T-shirt acted as a way to link in the light blue dungaree bottoms to the pink jacket.

Dungarees – Asos

Shoes – Nike Liberty Air Max


One thought on “Pink fashion

  1. You look wonderful in pink. It’s a pastel sort of pink and gives just the right touch to your outfit. delicate, yet strong and warm.
    Another excellent choice.

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