Something about grey..

Grey. An unusual colour which falls in-between black and white and is said to be the colour without colour. When people talk about grey it tends to be associated with dullness. However in my eyes, it is more than this.

The colour grey has become more and more predominant in the fashion world. Unlike black, which creates a fiercer look, the colour grey is more subtle. Subtlety in fashion is just as important and fierceness. Yes we all want our outfits to draw the attention of people’s eyes but there is more than one way of going about this.



Since I mentioned the subtlety that can come from wearing grey garments, I wore a pretty basic outfit which speaks for itself.

The sweatshirt and joggers are from Zara and they can be purchased in a wide range of colours. I’m always looking for different types of jackets and more recently trench coats have drawn my attention (this may just be because we are approaching winter who knows). The trench coat I wore is from ASOS and whilst I was shopping online I found various other types of trench coats which I will probably be blogging about in the near future. If you’re look for these types of jackets I do highly recommend spending sometime searching on ASOS; you won’t be disappointed.

Finally the shoes are from the Adidas equipment racing range (they are extremely comfy but as we are approaching winter I wouldn’t be as silly as me and wear them on a cold day).


4 thoughts on “Something about grey..

  1. I love grey too.
    Absolutely stunning. Grey blended with burgundy or lilac or black are some of my favourites during the winter.
    You have shown us the sophisication of grey. It has many shades. The shade worn in your photographs show the grace and almost tranquil nature of grey. The added accessory, a hint of grey in your hair was the icing on the cake.
    A casual yet classy look!

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  2. Absolutely stunning.. I also love grey. Different shades of grey blended with burgundy or lilac in the winter or black.
    I love the fact that you added a touch of grey to the end of your hair.
    It is a casual yet sophisicated look, giving an air of grace and tranquility.

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