Afro appreciation


The Afro is the natural form of hair for most people who have African or Caribbean heritage. Afro hair tends to consist of curls which can range from being extremely tight to very loose. The size and shape also varies, each and every Afro has its own individuality.

The Afro has more significance than being just a hairstyle. Before the 1960’s most African American people used to conform to the hairstyles of the society and straighten their hair so they felt part of it. As the times progressed and with the introduction of the Civil rights movement, people believed that accepting their hair without chemical alterations was a way for them to accept themselves, so society would also accept them. The Afro was used not only as a fashion statement but as a symbol of ones identity in a time when black people were oppressed because it provided them with a presence in times when they had to fight for their own rights.

As time went on, there was a move back to chemically treated hair and also more widely accepted uses of artificial hair in styles such as weaves and wigs.

More recently however there has been a move back to naturally styled hair, whether that be Afro’s, deadlock or even braids. The emphasis now being to teach the community how to care and maintain their hair in its natural form.



I decided to keep the outfits simple as I didn’t want to take away from main focal point which would be our hair.

We both wore matching outfits which consisted of a denim jacket, a white turtle neck and black jeans. I picked this outfit for us to wear because of its simplicity. It’s the type of outfit that could be worn all year round. It also has potential to be built upon and played around with to suit your occasion for example changing the type of jacket or including a different colour of jeans.


One thought on “Afro appreciation

  1. Back in the seventies we use to say “Say it loud, I am black and I’m proud.”
    The Afro was definitely a symbol. Simple, natural but at the same time defining who we are. If you look at some old pictures of Saudi Arab princes, Sudanese and Somali men you will find lots of Afros. Include Iran and many other people around the world.
    Thank you for your article.

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