I recently had the opportunity of working with a clothing line called Flyclothing. Flyclothing was established around four years ago and they released their first collection on the 15th of October 2015. The brand specialises in streetwear ranging from hats and hoodies to t-shirts and sweatshirts; they have had some great success as of recent and their clothing is available for purchase on the ASOS market.

I modelled for the brand and the originality of each of the items stood out to me. Flyclothing’s ‘Strap bomber jacket’ allows for adjustment with its double straps. Easy to customise, comfortable to wear. It’s ideas like this that keep brands fresh.

Personally, I have minimal knowledge when it comes to starting a brand so I thought it would be beneficial to pose a few questions to the founder of Flyclothing to give us some insight into how he got started and his future hopes for the progression of the brand.

Q: What made you want to start Flyclothing?

A: As I have always been into my clothing and since I was in a way born into the trade as my dad owns his own clothing manufacturing business I had a slight advantage over most people. However at the start I myself didn’t really have a clue as I had only watched my father from the side-lines. I started Flylcothing four years ago when I was in college and at the time I just used to sell my T-shirts to people I knew. Over the years I started working alongside my dad and got to know the ins and outs of the trade and realised unique clothing was something I had to aspire towards, something that wasn’t already on all the shelves in every city centre. After this long process the first polished collection was realised on the 15th of October 2015.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: My main aim to simply get my brand out there. To be honest I’m overwhelmed by the support I have been getting from my customers outside of the UK and of course those inside. I had never imagined I’d be selling out of Manchester, let alone selling to all corners of the world. My next big step would be to hopefully create a market place where other brands can showcase their products for sale, however there is a very long way to go before I can achieve this dream.

Q: Finally what advice do you have for others?

A: The main piece of advice I would give to others is to not rush into anything. It takes time and dedication to have your brand take off. Also promotion. Promotion is probably the biggest thing to help this take off and there are many ways to obtain this whether it is through Instagram, Twitter or even Snapchat. I would also suggest that you don’t follow trends too whole heartedly, yes create items that everyone will like but you also need to show off your own abilities which show you can think outside of the box. In addition to this, don’t put anything out you don’t like, if you don’t like it the chances are other people will not like it. Finally don’t base what you’re doing solely around money, it will come but it may take a long time before that happens.

If you’re interested in any of their merchandise check them out on their website:



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