Jump into jumpsuits

Variation within your wardrobe is key as wearing the same style of clothing can be boring. The best way to accomplish this is to experiment with pieces of clothing you have never worn be for; I tried this with jumpsuits.

Being a male there aren’t really many jumpsuit other than dungarees however ASOS released one style for men and have recently released four others. As I had never really had the opportunity to wear a jumpsuit I thought this would be the time and decided to make the purchase.

When the jumpsuit came I was a bit sceptical but I gave it a try. Prior to the photoshoot I had an idea of how I wanted to wear the jumpsuit and felt fully comfortable by the end of it.

As the majority of jumpsuits are worn by women I thought it would make sense to show one of the many types of jumpsuits women wear.


The main item of this outfit is the drop crotch jumpsuit by ASOS. The jumpsuit is plain black and is made of a light weight material which is highly ideal for summer weather. However on its own I found that it was too plain and decided to accompany it with other items.

Because the jumpsuit had no sleeves I thought my arms would look slightly awkward just hanging out in the open. This then led me to accompany the jumpsuit with a khaki green military shirt, the reason behind choosing khaki is because I recently made a purchase of Pumas by Rihanna and thought this would be the perfect time to wear them. The Pumas are a dark green colour with a beige bottom.


The jumpsuit worn by Summer is from misguided and she accompanied my khaki/military theme with a jumpsuit of a similar style. To complete her look she wore all black timberland boots. The material of her jumpsuit is also lightweight with a good fitting of not being too tight or too baggy.

However this is just one of the many ways women can wear jumpsuits and one of the many styles of jumpsuits.

One thought on “Jump into jumpsuits

  1. I think you wore a number of jumpsuits as a baby. A friend of mine bought a burnt orange one from France by Bebe. Ha!
    Lovely post.
    What about older women in jumpsuits?

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