Summer Issues

Exam season has now come to an end and we all want to get out and enjoy the summer weather. Instead of counting down the days to results day make a plan of what outfits you plan on wearing to make yourself feel good and worry about results when the time is nearer.

As it is summer time anything goes. Shorts, jeans, T-shirts and shirts. Due to having so much choice of what to wear it can be difficult to make a decision.

I will try to show you two different outfits which may help you come up with an idea of how to dress during summer. I myself find dressing in the summer a rather hard task as summer fashion is so broad. The two outfits I have picked to show you today both have a smart casual element.


Outfit 1:

¾ sleeved t-shirts are a newly found favourite of mine. They are the ideal length – not too long or too short and they do not take away from your accessories such as watches or bracelets. They tend to be relatively cheap and I have begun a collection of them in many different colours and styles.

I decided to accompany the t-shirt with khaki green slim fit cropped trousers. As the trousers were khaki I wanted to carry on and add more elements of this colour to the outfit. I achieved this through the addition of the flat-top hat and the Reclaimed Vintage military bag.

With the shoes on the other hand I was quite indecisive but came to the conclusion the black loafers were enough to complete the look.

Outfit 2:

Out of the two outfits the second is by far my favourite as it a casual look. Wearing white is essential in summer as it brightens up your look, in this outfit I wore a slim fit grandad collared shirt.

I know in my previous blog posts I have said that I’m slowly swaying away from jeans but you can never go wrong with a pair of skinny blue jeans.

You’re probably thinking to yourselves how is he wearing a jacket in the weather we’ve been experiencing? The jacket is extremely lightweight and is made out of the same material as raincoats, so it weighs next to nothing and won’t really cause you to feel hot in any way. The jacket is by the brand HYPE.

The shoes I wore with this outfit were Reebok Classics. More recently I have been finding it hard to find shoes that I actually really like, however the comfortability of Reebok’s is yet to fail me.

One thought on “Summer Issues

  1. Hi
    You did not mention your shades and why you choose that particular one.
    Could we get a close up of some of your accessories?
    I would love to see how the grandad shirt looks without the jacket. Maybe a close up of the collar.
    Lovely post. Thanks

    What is your advice for the fuller figure: male or female, for this summer?

    Liked by 1 person

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