Complimentary colours


Fashion is all about having a complete outfit and for an outfit to be complete it must work from head to toe. Planning what to wear can be a difficult task so it is always good to start with a base colour. Once a base colour has been established you’ll find it is easier to plan around this.

Normally when I dress, I tend to keep the number of colours in my outfit limited to around three or four as too many colours can create an uncoordinated look. In this outfit, I kept it limited to only two colours, white and beige. For me, this was a new combination of colours as I would normally accompany my whites with blacks or darker colours.

This outfit is an everyday outfit, it isn’t overly dressy but it isn’t too simple. It is a slightly smarter look with the grandad collared shirt but the addition of trainers counterbalances this. Also all of the materials in the outfit are very lightweight so it is almost perfect for spring/summer weather as nobody want to be too hot when they’re trying to enjoy their day.



Turtlenecks have become a fashion staple and owning them in a range of colours is almost a necessity. The turtleneck I wore is from ASOS (currently out of stock but the one in the hyperlink is similar), it is very lightweight which is ideal for this spring/summer weather we are experiencing.

The trousers are a pair of drop crotch cropped trousers (ASOS), from my previous blogs you will already know my love for cropped trousers and their slightly baggy fit.

I felt that the grandad collared shirt (ASOS) complimented the turtleneck more but if you had a normal collared shirt you could give it a try.

Finally, the all-white Adidas superstar slip-ons were purchased from Zalando. Slip-on shoes make life so much easier as they require minimum effort to put on, the only downfall of all-white shoes is keeping them clean which can require a lot of effort.

Accessories – Chopsticks (Ebay) and watch (Sekonda)

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