Dare to dungaree



Here’s something you probably didn’t know, the original name for dungarees was ‘dungri’ and dungarees have been around since the 17th century. They were exported from India to England, where they were manufactured on a large scale to be used as work clothing. The reason why dungarees were so popular throughout England was due to their durability to withstand wear and tear.

Just to give you an insight to what the dungarees are made from, originally they would have been made from denim (which is a “by-product fabric of cotton) and were more likely to be dyed a blue or an indigo colour. However the two pairs that I own are both made of 100% cotton. Cotton has become more popular than actual denim as sewing denim is more time consuming.

I’m sure you can see why it would be worthwhile investing in a pair of dungarees. Not only are they long lasting but extremely comfortable and simple to wear. There are many ways to style dungarees and I have tried to show you two slightly different styles but believe me there are many, many more.

You’re probably asking yourself, when could I wear them? What types of activities would be best suited when wearing them? But the answer is much simpler than you think. If you find a pair of dungarees that are complimentary to your shape, they could become more everyday than wearing jeans.



My favourite pair of dungarees are the blue pair from ASOS. This is mainly because to the fit but also how comfortable they are after wearing them for a day. The black pair of dungarees are from Topman and are slightly baggier; however it is always nice to have some variation of similar clothing in your wardrobe.

I wanted to keep one outfit very simple so accompanied the black dungarees with an Adidas black California T-shirt, which I purchased from Footasylum. This allowed me to continue the all black theme. Whereas with the other pair, I wanted to try something slightly different by wearing a blue ribbed muscle fit turtleneck from River Island.

For some time, I struggled to find something to wear over my clothing because bomber jackets and woollen overcoats were becoming too generic and the season was changing from winter to spring. I wanted to try something new and because I am a big fan of Japanese culture and tradition, I experimented with Kimonos and found that I really liked the versatility they provided. The kimono I wore in my all black outfit, is from the Reclaimed Vintage brand.

For my second outfit, I wore blue on blue and I felt it needed the addition of some colour so decided the best way to do this was to pair with my red checked shirt  (Newlook) wrapped around my waist .

Lastly the trainers. Trainers are a crucial part of any look. Since I was wearing an Adidas T-shirt it only felt right to accompany it with a pair of Adidas superstar slip-ons and for the other outfit, I went for maximum comfort with black and white Reebok Classics. Both pairs of shoes were purchased from Zalando.

Accessories – Chopsticks (Ebay), Watches (Sekonda and G-Shock), Sunglasses (Spitfire)










3 thoughts on “Dare to dungaree

  1. I really liked both outfits. I have had 2 pairs of dungarees in my youth, however, they were both blue. One was a sort of washed sky blue with buttons up the front. The other a more traditional denim with a bib and three buttons on either side of the waist. That was in the seventies so both were flared. I also thought they were comfortable and a great part of my wardrobe. Thank you for an insightful post.

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