Sophistication and summer

Yusuf (63)

For those of us in England and those of us all around the world, you’re probably wondering what to wear in these times of crazy climate change because the weather can be so unpredictable.

Shorts? Too cold! Jeans? Too warm! Recently I have been swayed away from jeans and enjoy the comfort of cropped trousers as they provide sophistication to your look without too much formality.

As the weather is slowly improving you don’t really want to be wearing heavy coats and bomber jackets and the beauty of cropped trousers is that they can be accompanied by the simplest of items such as a white-t and a basic hat.

On this super-dry, hot, sunny day, I was on a mission to explore parts of Manchester that I haven’t seen before. As we have been experiencing such good weather, I felt the need to indulge in one of my preferred beverage Bubble Tea which actually turned out to be a great prop and really tasty. It is always nice to go on walks and find new areas and experience scenery you probably walk past everyday.


To be quite honest, what I wore isn’t usual for me. I have actually experimented and found that I like new things. Normally, I prefer tightly fitted jeans or trousers as I have rather skinny legs but these trousers were quite baggy and I enjoyed the fit as they provided more freedom.

The ¾ sleeve length T-shirt on the other hand was muscle fitted, but very light and at the same time not overly tight.

As I was trying to go for that sophisticated look but not to over the top, I thought that the suede loafers complimented the trousers.

Finally, a recent fashion trend that I’m liking are Fedora’s and Pork Pie hats, when I was younger I used to love snapbacks and fitted hats but as I’ve grown up, I felt that they didn’t suit this part of my fashion exploration. Fedora’s and Pork pie hats are almost a replacement for my long lost love for snapbacks and fitted hats.

yusuf (69).jpg


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